01 May 2012

Frame of Mind

I came across this documentary about design thinking and had to shamelessly promote. Not because I have anything to do with the funding or creation of this artifact, but because I constantly, maybe daily, am asked what kind of designer I am, and this is a look at the type of work I love. I know I talk so much about interiors, products and fashion, and I am a lover of all things well-designed. But when it comes to my true passion in the workplace, it is to collaborate with others and design a solution to a wicked problem.

The film premiered a few days ago so the jury's still out on reviews. However, there are some major heavy-hitters interviewed, several of whom were keynote speakers at conferences I've attended, so count me in as a viewer. Plus, I particularly like the quote in the trailer: It doesn't matter what the problem is. I can go in and solve it because I am a designer! But in all seriousness, while the term design thinking is old to the choir, I hope this film highlights what an open-minded approach, collaboration and prototyping can do for issues affecting many of us.

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