13 April 2012

Keeping it Local

I am very excited to report that we just signed up for our first CSA (community supported agriculture) with the local organic Kretschmann Farm. We're easing in with a light share that we'll pick up in our neighborhood every other week. I've always been a little intimidated by committing to a CSA and instead try to buy local in the Strip or a farmer's market when possible. But with limited time these days, and a strong interest in eating organic produce and using it for baby food, I decided it was time to try it.

I'm excited to expand my vegetable dish repertoire and I am going to attempt my own Julie/Julia challenge of sharing a recipe here, but on a more realistic bi-weekly basis. I'd love to hear any suggestions too!

Kretschmann is accepting enrollment through April 22. Or check out where else you can buy local near you through Farmigo, a pretty impressively designed service concept.

Above, swiss chard.


  1. Oh you are going to love it!!! Print out every recipe you see for fennel, kale, swiss chard and other leafies!

  2. The website for Kretschmann's also has recipes for some of the random things that they give you. I've found it helpful for some of the things that they have included in my basket. Wait until you try their strawberries. Amazing!

  3. thank you both! i'll have to have you over for a dish this summer :)


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