06 April 2012

First Easter for Somebunny

I wish I had some time to do a fun activity like dye eggs for Easter. In color block. (I am obsessed with colorblock at the moment. ) I'd love to share crafts that I made by hand, but alas, working part-time with part-time help leaves no time for Martha-like moments. Maybe one day when baby is interested in doing such making. I did hear a tip for hollowing the egg-- use a nasal aspirator. Gross or genius? You decide.

Instead, I made a cute Easter basket for baby with items from Target (that's Tar-jay if I were speaking with you and not writing). I included a favorite book in board format, a sparkly new cup (we hate sippy cups in this household), and the softest jellycat bunny ever (not from Target). We are going to brunch on Sunday and will watch the older kids partake in an Easter egg hunt. Curious to see what baby thinks of all the action. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter!

1 comment:

  1. Actually dyed some eggs this year! Of course, I only buy brown eggs, so the result looked like old wooden eggs discovered in the attic. Your brother laughed and laughed...

    Not Martha


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