23 April 2012

Madewell, Finally!

I haven't been to Ross Park mall in a couple months. (Simply because baby and I went frequently in the frigid winter months and other than this unwelcome cold snap, we've enjoyed the outdoors quite a bit.) But now I have a worthwhile reason:

Madewell is opening tomorrow. I've admired this edgier little sister of J.Crew online for years and only recently stepped foot in a store while on Newbury Street in Boston last month. I am super excited for another in-person fashion option in Pittsburgh, so I can try it on and not worry about shipping it back.

I am loving stripes, colorblock and the chambray trends this season. Lots to go in my dressing room! Now the weather needs to return to Spring to wear such cute things.

18 April 2012

Something to See

It is always fascinating to see photos of Pittsburgh in its previous era. Collections of vintage photos and a variety of works will be on display at the first annual PGH photo fair this weekend, April 21 and 22. Intending to promote "the discussion of photography within the contemporary and fine art market," the fair will introduce Pittsburgh to international dealers and intends to appeal to both photography experts and novices alike.

The PGH photo fair will be held in the ballroom of the former YMCA in East Liberty. Apparently, this structure is slated to be restored into a fabulous hotel, as part of a collaboration with local developers and Ace Hotel.

It is also so fascinating to see how much Pittsburgh is developing before our eyes.

13 April 2012

Keeping it Local

I am very excited to report that we just signed up for our first CSA (community supported agriculture) with the local organic Kretschmann Farm. We're easing in with a light share that we'll pick up in our neighborhood every other week. I've always been a little intimidated by committing to a CSA and instead try to buy local in the Strip or a farmer's market when possible. But with limited time these days, and a strong interest in eating organic produce and using it for baby food, I decided it was time to try it.

I'm excited to expand my vegetable dish repertoire and I am going to attempt my own Julie/Julia challenge of sharing a recipe here, but on a more realistic bi-weekly basis. I'd love to hear any suggestions too!

Kretschmann is accepting enrollment through April 22. Or check out where else you can buy local near you through Farmigo, a pretty impressively designed service concept.

Above, swiss chard.

06 April 2012

First Easter for Somebunny

I wish I had some time to do a fun activity like dye eggs for Easter. In color block. (I am obsessed with colorblock at the moment. ) I'd love to share crafts that I made by hand, but alas, working part-time with part-time help leaves no time for Martha-like moments. Maybe one day when baby is interested in doing such making. I did hear a tip for hollowing the egg-- use a nasal aspirator. Gross or genius? You decide.

Instead, I made a cute Easter basket for baby with items from Target (that's Tar-jay if I were speaking with you and not writing). I included a favorite book in board format, a sparkly new cup (we hate sippy cups in this household), and the softest jellycat bunny ever (not from Target). We are going to brunch on Sunday and will watch the older kids partake in an Easter egg hunt. Curious to see what baby thinks of all the action. Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter!

03 April 2012

Stripes Forever

I am back! Baby and I took a roadtrip up to Boston with several stops along the way over the past 10 days. It was great seeing family and friends, and being able to relax with many open arms willing to hold and play with the little one while I had some R&R.  (But I hear the weather was so much better in Pittsburgh, sigh.)

I also had the chance to shop a bit, and as I unpacked last night, I realized that this is pretty much going to be my go-to look for the summer. I came home with a coral top and striped skirt, and a striped top with coral jeans. Huh. I love this color combination-- so fresh and classic.

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