01 March 2012

Nest Effect

I've been a bit busy with a work proposal and hopefully soon another design project bringing me to full capacity. I notice my posting frequency reflects that! But yesterday with my mother-in-law in town, we stopped into home decor shop Boxwood in Bakery Square and I came out with a lovely packaged scented candle-- Nest Fragrances' Black Fig and Honey. I am hoping that this will be a nice (read: a bit more affordable) alternative to my absolute favorite candle, the Parisian diptyque Figuier. My first boss gave me that candle for Christmas and I was instantly attracted. Such a great gift.

The verdict: Upon taking it out of the box, I realized the glass container was not as interesting as the sporty sleek outside packaging, nor as pretty as the French label. I lit it last night and it filled the house with a subtle sweet scent that still lingers just a bit. It is slightly more powerful than Figuier but it isn't give-you-a-headache strong. It also made me want to clean up the little piles of things I needed to put away. The impact scent has is so interesting.

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