09 March 2012

It's a Date

Happy Friday! Very excited for the weekend. Family time, warm weather in the forecast, longer days as we Spring forward.

And tomorrow night, my husband and I have a date.

We have made a deliberate effort to go out every so often and enjoy an evening just the two of us. It's different now-- it's nice to dress up and it does feel like a date, reminding us of the excitement in our early days years and years ago. For a while, our jobs and responsibilities would make us tired and we'd bail on tentative plans. Now with having to make arrangements for the babe, we always follow through even if we're a bit tired, but it's exactly the break we need.

So off we go to the symphony. I went for the best seats available with a promotional code earlier in the season and happily discovered we are sitting front row for the performance. Having a world class symphony so accessible in Pittsburgh is something we do not take for granted.

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