20 March 2012

Design Classic for Baby

As I've mentioned previously, the objective of my latest decor projects is to incorporate baby friendly options that meet a sophisticated sensibility. In other words, I want to minimize the garish plastic baby paraphernalia taking over our living space, yet do not want to compromise our baby's happiness.

The style quotient of my kitchen was just markedly increased thanks to Stokke, who kindly sent us the Tripp Trapp chair and baby set to review for my son. I chose black to match our Thonet cafe chairs and my husband and I were extremely pleased with how it tastefully it fit in our little kitchen nook area. Compared to our previous high chair (which is not a garish plastic item, but quite nice), the Tripp Trapp has a remarkably small footprint and is a true chair, not a high chair.
Can you find the high chair in this picture?

It is designed to slide right up to the table, which has enhanced the dynamic of our morning breakfasts together. He is happily sitting right there with us, not isolated on a perch (although some isolation can be good when managing the messiness.) The Tripp Trapp has a table tray that is sold separately if you want some sort of containment for spills and sticky fingers.
Stokke is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the chair this year, which is a testament to this classic design. The chair looks and feels quite solid, and it adapts with easy adjustment as he grows. For now, my son obligingly lets me place him in the seat, and he loves to slide his feet on the footplate. My only minor complaint is that the harness, while secure, isn't as smoothly integrated with the baby set, and sometimes it's a bit challenging to buckle him in. But then again, all buckles are challenging with squirmy babies.

This is a fantastic baby chair for design-conscious parents who want to sit and dine at eye-level with their little one. The price tag is on the higher end, especially when adding accessories, but the chair will outlast his childhood (hard to believe right now. Can he be a baby forever?)

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