08 February 2012

Our Style of Living

As I've scoured decor blogs and pinboards for general interior ideas, and now, baby-friendly decor inspiration, I've always been curious about the homes with a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. This is the only highchair on the market that actually blends in with decor (leave it to the Scandinavians, of course). I wonder with a little one residing, do these picture perfect rooms remain so on a daily basis, or  have sticky fingerprints and toys strewn about.
I love this kitchen. Of course I do, because it's white and gray.

I wonder this because I am on the verge of baby proofing. After one close baby roll-over, I listed our glass coffee table on e-bay. Now with an open space in the living room, I am wondering how to replace it with something aesthetically pleasing and accident-proof. Many recommend a storage ottoman, but I also do not want to encourage that our living room become a play room. I've also considered a solid round wood table, but I hear about scratches. I'd love a smooth white lacquer table, but I should probably avoid sharp edges. What to do?

I'm sure I'll find a compromise at some point. When choosing baby items during registry, I started to feel guilty when I picked the least garish for my own taste, rather than go with what might be best for baby (and best for wallet.) I absolutely wanted a Stokke in our kitchen. But when adding up all the accessories to make this adjustable seat usable for a baby, it doubled the price. I also heard about toddlers tipping them once they can kick the table.

Instead, I found a very sturdy and well-designed alternative, the Oxo Tot Sprout. Baby sits securely and happily, it's easy to clean and grows with the child. It looks more like a cute baby chair and not a modern accent. But that's okay-- a baby lives here-- it fits our style of living.

Oxo, can you make a great coffee table for me, too?

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