16 February 2012

Oh, Macaron

Thought I'd share our dessert from Valentine's Day dinner-- a perfectly sweet ending to the French-themed meal.

Earlier that day, baby and I ventured to Millvale to the only bakery in town of which I am aware makes the Parisian macaron, Jean-Marc Chatellier's French Bakery. A tiny storefront with an entrance too narrow for the stroller, the bakery's inside was filled with delectable baked goods, including a rainbow assortment of these delicate, round sandwich cookies. Which by the way, are gluten free!

My husband and I had fun sampling several of the flavors that night-- marzipan, rose raspberry, nutella, salted caramel and vanilla. While I am a nutella fan, it was a bit too rich as a filling. Our agreed upon favorite was the vanilla bean-- a sweet compliment to the light chewy little cookie. We verbally mmm'd in agreement, reminding us of an afternoon in Paris when we stopped in Ladurée-- a heavenly experience. Apparently their newly-opened NYC location has a line out the door most days. (The NYTimes reviewed macarons around the city a while back-- what a fun assignment.)

There are a few good macaroons to be had in Pittsburgh, but they are different from the macaron-- apparently both begin with a meringue base, the former has coconut, and the latter a fine almond powder, giving it that perfect dome shape on the outside and chewiness on the inside. I am no pastry chef, but I have a refined sweet tooth and these macarons, well, take the cake.

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  1. The best macaroons in the city are from the Duquesne Club, a signature staple to conclude any meal. The trick to keeping them fresh if you cannot eat them within 24 hours is to freeze them.


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