26 January 2012

Yoga on the Brain

One resolution I made this year was to practice yoga regularly. There is no question that it does a body and mind good-- see this interesting article about the positive neurological and psychological effects yoga has on one's body. I'm convinced. I always feel recharged and relaxed after a practice. My challenge is to keep motivated in my sleep-deprived mommy state.

This post is for me to put my resolution in writing and be held to it. Pittsburgh is a very yoga-friendly city with studios and activities all over:

We have a shiny new lululemon store that besides the amazing yoga wear, also offers free community yoga on most Sunday mornings.

There is a yoga expo this weekend, with demonstrations and classes.

Amazing Yoga is offering a $25 for 2 weeks unlimited special to new students and lapsed students who haven't been in a year.

Schoolhouse Yoga offers Mommy & Me, as does Yoga Matrika (where I enjoyed partaking in prenatal yoga regularly.)

As the saying goes, if it's a priority, you'll find a way. If it's not, you'll find an excuse. Here we go. Anyone care to join?

Top image and another article about yoga's benefits found here.

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