12 December 2011

Sweet Exchange

It is festive around the house and it's lovely. Funny how having a child makes you excited for Christmas again like a... child. After four years of marriage, my husband and I got our first tree together. Even though we won't be here to unwrap Santa's gifts on Christmas morning, we couldn't imagine that baby's first Christmas season would be tree-less.

We hosted our first holiday party this weekend, a cookie exchange. It was also our first hosting as parents with other new parents and little ones as guests. (The last holiday party I hosted was with my roommate in our tiny NYC apartment five years ago. Now I find myself juggling winter white sangria with a baby on my hip and I feel so lucky.)

I had only been to one cookie exchange before, and none of our guests had. Essentially, you arrive with 2 dozen of your baked cookies and leave with an assortment of 2 dozen (minus those you've eaten, of course). It didn't quite end up that smoothly, but I think the evening was a success nonetheless.

Photo above is of my batch of chocolate crackle cookies. Delightfully chocolatey. And who doesn't love anything with powdered sugar? I recommend baking them on the lighter side to keep them soft and chewy.

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