09 December 2011

Say Cheese

I can't believe 2 years later, I haven't blogged my love for this place. Because, quite honestly it is definitely one of my top five favorite Pittsburgh establishments. I am talking about Penn Mac in the Strip. The first time I stepped foot in this cheese mecca, I was sold. I bring every out-of-town visitor we have here and then they are sold on Pittsburgh being so livable. My NYC and New England friends and family have requested to go back on subsequent visits. I am pretty certain Penn Mac could rival the best NYC cheese shops on selection and price. Plus, they are very friendly and helpful here. Come visit and I will take you!

I just dropped by earlier today to pick out a few cheeses to serve at our little holiday shindig we are hosting this weekend. I also picked up a soppressata (cured sausage, or soupy to my Rhode Island friends), and come to find out, it is from Rhode Island. Naturally.

1 comment:

  1. love the soupy irony...last night we saw Point Judith calamari on the menu of a pub in Boston.


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