14 November 2011

Fabulous Faberge at the Frick

A must-see in Pittsburgh: Faberge at the Frick, which runs through January 15th. My mom was in town this weekend, so we strolled down the street with baby to see a collection of exquisite objet d'art commissioned for Russian and northern European aristocrats and royalty at the turn of the 20th century.

The house of Faberge used a variety of metals, enamel and colored stones to create functional luxuries, such as a stone page turner, a gold encrusted doorbell cover, jeweled desk clocks, and sparkling cigarette cases, which look more like very expensive Blackberry and iPhone covers in today's age. It also makes me wonder what other luxuries are quietly commissioned today. Most people, including myself, think first of the eggs (there is not an egg in this extensive collection).

My favorite was the little dunlin, a bird carved out of rose jasper with the natural formations of the stone appearing like delicate feathers.

There has been much ado about this exhibit, and the behind the scenes blog is quite interesting. I hope to get back and tour Clayton, the Frick mansion, which is currently holding a special complementary exhibit: All that Glitters: Luxury in the Golden Age.

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