27 October 2011

The Ubiquity of One-of-a-kind

Interesting article in yesterday's NYT about the trend of finding unique knickknacks to decorate your home is not necessarily unique. I think this is how any trend tends to work: stylish influentials show their chic wares in decor magazines; mass market retailers produce replicas for the laggards. Now anyone can look as if they shopped the Paris flea markets without setting foot on a plane.

Some of the retailers are doing it well, others seem to try to hard. Same goes with the consumers. It's all about creating balance in your home. I must say, Etsy is such a gem of a resource. Cut out the middleman and get something hand crafted that you like. I wondered many times as I finished the nursery how anyone decorated one without Etsy.

So where does this leave us? My decor mantra is based on 2 questions: Do I like it? Will I like it in 5 years? Or just follow what the Scandinavians do. I could live a very long time in any of these places.

(The top image is ironically, from the IKEA blog. Many beautiful pics, and you can read it in English in Google Chrome. Ubiquitous design for the world, but they do many things right.)

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  1. now we can all have those one-of-a-kinds...very funny


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