09 October 2011

Post Script

Other than wedding invitations and thank yous, this year I have sent out more snail mail than ever. First we announced baby's arrival, and I am still trying to work through a list of generous friends who have sent sweet gifts and to whom I owe a note of thanks.

In the day of email, texting and wall posting, I love nothing more than getting a handwritten letter in the mail.  I feel so cluttered with catalogs, penny savers, and and blah bills, that when a pretty envelope arrives in the mail, it can truly make my day. 

When I send things out, I try to choose my stamp and pen thoughtfully. So when I came across Ampersandity (via babble), I knew one of these handmade custom rubber stamps is something I need to make my envelope even more pleasing. I sometimes forget to write my return address. Never again! 

Also, it's nice to see a broader selection of more interesting forever postage aside from the dull Liberty bell.  

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