20 October 2011

Lost in Transition

I've debated on what to share in the blogosphere as of late. While my interests haven't changed too much, my lifestyle and priorities have. I started writing as a twenty-something attempting to share cultural and epicurean delights in Pittsburgh and beyond; now I find myself a thirty-something mama seeking baby-friendly items and outings (when I have the spare time.) Although please do not get me wrong: I still love talking design, decor and what new shoes I must have. And now, the cutest things for the little one, too.

On that note, I also have become a mama bear. It is one thing to share thoughts about myself on the interwebs; I am torn with what to say about my baby for anyone to google and see.

So. Please be patient with me. Mommyhood is the most significant and wonderful transition I have ever experienced. But I still want to find the time to write meaningful (and not so meaningful) things, and need a creative release more than ever. Please send any thoughts. I always like hearing from friends, new and old.

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