20 September 2011

Street Style

It wasn't until I actually worked for Fashion Week (as a college intern) that I realized the upcoming shows were presenting looks for next season, not the one we were entering on the calendar. So while I still try to keep up and see what I should be wearing six months later, I always am more intrigued by what the audience is wearing today. There is nothing more inspirational than seeing real clothes on the fashion elite, wearing an interpretation of what was on the runway six months ago.

I still get my street fashion fix through the Sartorialist, Elle Street Chic, and most definitely the original street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham's weekly commentaries. The entrance to my office for my last job was on 5th Avenue and 57th Streets, where Bill is often found early in the week, snapping away at the ladies (and gentlemen) who lunch, work or shop around Bergdorfs. I especially appreciated last week's On the Street, with his thoughts on the current shows and a flattering montage of my classically stylish former colleague, Melissa.

I am looking forward to seeing the documentary on Bill Cunningham, which is out on DVD today. Think The September Issue with the same level of passion, but more charm than catty.

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  1. we all love Bill....the documentary is awesome and also streamable on Netflix...DVDs are so done...


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