11 September 2011

Paying Respects

With the approaching 10 year anniversary of September 11th, we found ourselves taking the back roads and along Route 30 to stop in Shanksville while on our first post-baby road trip last week. About 2 hours from Pittsburgh, the temporary Flight 93 memorial is still rather makeshift, but the impact felt when imagining the chaos here is nothing short of chilling. From this viewpoint, the plane came over from the left and crashed at 560 mph near where the tent for this weekend's service stands.

The wall of names will be placed along the perimeter of the crash site.

Apparently, we made it just in time before the site was closed to prepare for the services this weekend. There were already news crews and many people visiting while we were there. Stopping through on our trip was the littlest thing we could do to pay tribute to the heroic efforts and lives lost in such a senseless tragedy that day.

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