30 September 2011

Orange You Glowing

My wardrobe is a sea of neutrals-- gray, white, black, beige, navy. I am a little more colorful in the summer, but as winter approaches, my palette evolves to match the dark weather here. However, as I was switching out my seasonal clothing (limited closet space!), I realized that I have one color that stays put as a favorite: a beautiful warm orange. Not quite coral, that sounds too limited for summer. I like persimmon, but Pantone hits it right with emberglow.

Who doesn't want to look glowing? This shade does that. It's the perfect pop of color that works with all skin tones, all year round. Looks fantastic with summer linen as it does with with a gray cashmere turtleneck.

Some Fall looks:
Anthropologie Thousand Carat Pullover. I love this layered piece. I have it, have worn it, and have received compliments.

J Crew Saturday Sweater. Cozy and stylish weekend wear.

Shopbop belt. Perfect with gray or navy trousers.

Tory Burch Clines ballet flat. How can you not look down at your feet and smile with these on?

1 comment:

  1. That is such a delicious color. I especially like the TB flats.


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