23 September 2011

Collaboration Stations

There is a good number of quality coffee shops in Pittsburgh, with free wifi and decent table working space. However, sometimes that isn't enough. What if you want to print something? Or hop on a call without disturbing other patrons or being distracted yourself?

A former classmate of mine is pleased to share his working coffee shop concept, Catapult, with the public.    Opening for October in East Liberty, the space will have shared whiteboards, small conference areas, and of course, good coffee. I think his concept is more first-come, first-serve. If you want to rent a dedicated space with shared amenities, check out The Beauty Shoppe.

This co-working concept is quite successful in other metro areas. I would definitely partake and consider this working space as I begin my next project. Although I wonder how they'd feel about having a baby dropping in (kidding!)

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