30 September 2011

Orange You Glowing

My wardrobe is a sea of neutrals-- gray, white, black, beige, navy. I am a little more colorful in the summer, but as winter approaches, my palette evolves to match the dark weather here. However, as I was switching out my seasonal clothing (limited closet space!), I realized that I have one color that stays put as a favorite: a beautiful warm orange. Not quite coral, that sounds too limited for summer. I like persimmon, but Pantone hits it right with emberglow.

Who doesn't want to look glowing? This shade does that. It's the perfect pop of color that works with all skin tones, all year round. Looks fantastic with summer linen as it does with with a gray cashmere turtleneck.

Some Fall looks:
Anthropologie Thousand Carat Pullover. I love this layered piece. I have it, have worn it, and have received compliments.

J Crew Saturday Sweater. Cozy and stylish weekend wear.

Shopbop belt. Perfect with gray or navy trousers.

Tory Burch Clines ballet flat. How can you not look down at your feet and smile with these on?

23 September 2011

Collaboration Stations

There is a good number of quality coffee shops in Pittsburgh, with free wifi and decent table working space. However, sometimes that isn't enough. What if you want to print something? Or hop on a call without disturbing other patrons or being distracted yourself?

A former classmate of mine is pleased to share his working coffee shop concept, Catapult, with the public.    Opening for October in East Liberty, the space will have shared whiteboards, small conference areas, and of course, good coffee. I think his concept is more first-come, first-serve. If you want to rent a dedicated space with shared amenities, check out The Beauty Shoppe.

This co-working concept is quite successful in other metro areas. I would definitely partake and consider this working space as I begin my next project. Although I wonder how they'd feel about having a baby dropping in (kidding!)

20 September 2011

Street Style

It wasn't until I actually worked for Fashion Week (as a college intern) that I realized the upcoming shows were presenting looks for next season, not the one we were entering on the calendar. So while I still try to keep up and see what I should be wearing six months later, I always am more intrigued by what the audience is wearing today. There is nothing more inspirational than seeing real clothes on the fashion elite, wearing an interpretation of what was on the runway six months ago.

I still get my street fashion fix through the Sartorialist, Elle Street Chic, and most definitely the original street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham's weekly commentaries. The entrance to my office for my last job was on 5th Avenue and 57th Streets, where Bill is often found early in the week, snapping away at the ladies (and gentlemen) who lunch, work or shop around Bergdorfs. I especially appreciated last week's On the Street, with his thoughts on the current shows and a flattering montage of my classically stylish former colleague, Melissa.

I am looking forward to seeing the documentary on Bill Cunningham, which is out on DVD today. Think The September Issue with the same level of passion, but more charm than catty.

11 September 2011

Paying Respects

With the approaching 10 year anniversary of September 11th, we found ourselves taking the back roads and along Route 30 to stop in Shanksville while on our first post-baby road trip last week. About 2 hours from Pittsburgh, the temporary Flight 93 memorial is still rather makeshift, but the impact felt when imagining the chaos here is nothing short of chilling. From this viewpoint, the plane came over from the left and crashed at 560 mph near where the tent for this weekend's service stands.

The wall of names will be placed along the perimeter of the crash site.

Apparently, we made it just in time before the site was closed to prepare for the services this weekend. There were already news crews and many people visiting while we were there. Stopping through on our trip was the littlest thing we could do to pay tribute to the heroic efforts and lives lost in such a senseless tragedy that day.

01 September 2011

Sweet September

September is looking pretty sweet: Dozen is reopening its doors and we all will be able to get a sugar fix once again. Closed since July, Dozen will reopen in Oakland tomorrow and in Lawrenceville on September 12th with some new menu items. 

I can't wait to have buttery quiche and a cappuccino on Butler Street. There has been a noticeable void at their storefront since the closure. Below, Sydney and me celebrating her birthday with mini-doggie cupcakes last year.

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