24 August 2011

Natural layers

Where were you when the earthquake tremors hit? I actually was out and about, indulging in my first post-baby retail therapy session at Anthropologie in Bakery Square. The only signs of ground shaking were a few props that fell suddenly and seeing Google employees evacuate their amazing offices.

I am learning to maneuver the stroller through the storefront and pacify baby on the spot quite well. (Newly found pros of shopping with baby: the stroller handle bar makes for a great clothes hanger. And now I get the really big dressing room!) In the midst of a display change for fall, all the summer transitional pieces are plentiful and on sale. Fortunately for me, the trends are flowy and forgiving as I lose that last bit of baby weight. Worth a look. In fact, there is a Bakery Square beach bash this weekend with indie craft markets.

Some of the new fall stuff is out (my favorite season- both weather and fashion-wise). I love everything about the look above. I hope mother nature has more days like yesterday in store (the cool breeze, not earthquakes, of course.) I can't wait for changing leaves and outings in loose layers.

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