05 August 2011

Bat-Sh!t Crazy Here

I'm surprised our city's paper hasn't temporarily renamed itself the Gotham Gazette. (Or that our mayor hasn't tried to make a cameo appearance. Ha!)

Batman is being filmed all over Pittsburgh as we speak, and the whole city is on watch. There are Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard sightings. The Post-Gazette has daily updates and photos. Apparently, there will be snow falling, major pyrotechnics, and in Pittsburgh fashion, a scene at Heinz Field with real Steelers playing Gotham Rogues players.

And with all the Hollywood spectacle, the pictures I find most compelling are the ones of little boys, lined up around the perimeter of the set, wearing capes, masks and bat-print t-shirts, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite super hero. Must be the mommy in me.

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