31 August 2011

Last First Friday

Hard to believe that "summer" is almost over! Not in my book, as we're beach bound next month, but seeing yellow school buses out and acknowledging Labor Day as the unofficial bookend, that feeling is in the air.

With that said, the final First Fridays at the Frick of Summer 2011 is this Friday, September 2nd. I have marked it on our social calendar so that we can prepare accordingly and stroll down with baby and dinner in tow. The final performance is with the St. Petersburg String Quartet and begins at 7pm on the Lawn.

24 August 2011

Natural layers

Where were you when the earthquake tremors hit? I actually was out and about, indulging in my first post-baby retail therapy session at Anthropologie in Bakery Square. The only signs of ground shaking were a few props that fell suddenly and seeing Google employees evacuate their amazing offices.

I am learning to maneuver the stroller through the storefront and pacify baby on the spot quite well. (Newly found pros of shopping with baby: the stroller handle bar makes for a great clothes hanger. And now I get the really big dressing room!) In the midst of a display change for fall, all the summer transitional pieces are plentiful and on sale. Fortunately for me, the trends are flowy and forgiving as I lose that last bit of baby weight. Worth a look. In fact, there is a Bakery Square beach bash this weekend with indie craft markets.

Some of the new fall stuff is out (my favorite season- both weather and fashion-wise). I love everything about the look above. I hope mother nature has more days like yesterday in store (the cool breeze, not earthquakes, of course.) I can't wait for changing leaves and outings in loose layers.

19 August 2011

Instant Fix

As of late, life has involved a few strategically planned outings, but lots of walks and Netflix streaming. I am still not over the fact that Netflix is charging for this. Does this mean the availability and quality will improve? If not, we are opting to cancel and just get our usual red envelope by post. Queued up is Paris, je t'aime. (If you need a quick New York fix, stream New York, I love you. Paris was the precursor. Both are miniature stories intertwined and placed all over the respective sparkling cityscapes.)

Oh, I could just hop on the direct flight to Paris in a heartbeat. Does that flight out of Pittsburgh still exist?

09 August 2011

Fantasy Islands

This is the first summer in probably 15 years that I haven't worn a bikini. Shame, because I finally have the voluptuousness to fill a top nicely from all this nursing. I do miss the beach, and I feel a slight tinge of jealousy seeing vacation and summer pics of friends and family. (Especially the one people take from a lounge chair of their feet with glistening water in the background.) I know, I am blessed with a sweet, healthy baby (who needs to be inside on these hot days.)

My husband and I are fortunate to have traveled to some wonderful vacation destinations. For the past several years, we've made it a point to go on some great trips before starting a family. Not that our passports will now expire, but logistics will be a bit trickier. We're already talking about where we might be able to go next year (right, sweetheart?)

I've been organizing all of the baby pictures from the past month, and while doing so, came across vacation pictures. Some favorite water-based destinations:

Nantucket, MA

Stockholm, Sweden

Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia

Turks & Caicos

I found some great pictures I had completely forgotten about, and it was nice to reflect on lovely memories of those trips. Looking forward to making more with our new addition.

05 August 2011

Bat-Sh!t Crazy Here

I'm surprised our city's paper hasn't temporarily renamed itself the Gotham Gazette. (Or that our mayor hasn't tried to make a cameo appearance. Ha!)

Batman is being filmed all over Pittsburgh as we speak, and the whole city is on watch. There are Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard sightings. The Post-Gazette has daily updates and photos. Apparently, there will be snow falling, major pyrotechnics, and in Pittsburgh fashion, a scene at Heinz Field with real Steelers playing Gotham Rogues players.

And with all the Hollywood spectacle, the pictures I find most compelling are the ones of little boys, lined up around the perimeter of the set, wearing capes, masks and bat-print t-shirts, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite super hero. Must be the mommy in me.

04 August 2011

Right On Target

I think it's fair (and boring?) to say that my quality of life has improved thanks to Target. I've always enjoyed shopping there, and especially look forward to the special designer collaborations. But since the baby was born, and with the brand new store five minutes away in East Liberty, it makes for a good get-out-of-the-house activity.

What also is great is that they have a fantastic selection of things exclusively online (and if needed, I can easily return it down the street.) Lately, I seem to be lucky just to have one hand free so I use their iPhone app to create lists and shop with an easy click while I am nursing or rocking the baby to sleep. My, how times have changed.

Two favorite and recommended exclusive product lines online for new moms:

DwellStudio for Target Baby. I am pretty sure I bought out all the baby boy clothes that were available. Super cute patterns, soft fabric, great quality. The line also includes furniture and bedding too.

aden & anais for Target. aden & anais swaddle blankets are amazing. Made of breathable, stretchy muslin, they are oversized and perfect for a tight swaddle and making baby feel cozy for sleepytime. Also great to cover in the car seat or swing. Target has cute exclusive patterns of this brand, and they are a bit less expensive than the ones found at baby retail stores. The a&a burpy bibs are useful too-- curved to fit the shoulder, and when baby is older, the hidden snaps turn it in to a bib. Genius.
As I said once, and I'll say again, this is not going to turn into a baby blog! But certainly, my life has changed quite a bit and we're still in a transition period where I am learning what he needs first and foremost, and what I need to keep balance too. (More sleep would be nice, to start.) And babies are so much fun to talk about, anyway.

As for adult excitement (in the most innocuous sense of the term!), I am interested in seeing, let alone scoring some of the Missoni collection for Target coming out next month. Supposedly it includes shift dresses, accessories, bags and home accessories in the colorful, iconic zig-zag pattern.
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