17 July 2011

Baby Food Truck

Pittsburgh seems to love food trucks so I am curious to see how this one-- exclusively for babies and the mommies who feed them--is received. I just supported The Milk Truck, a social art concept proposed by CMU art professor Jill Miller for the Andy Warhol Museum Biennial this fall. If she reaches her goal of $10,000 in funding, Miller plans to buy an ice cream truck and turn it into a safe haven for breastfeeding around town. Essentially, you email or tweet The Milk Truck if you've found yourself unable to feed your baby, and the boob-topped truck arrives at your service, while also making the establishment where you have not been welcome to nurse feel like, well, a boob.

I am now exclusively breastfeeding my newborn baby on demand, and although we haven't tried feeding outside the house unless you count the backyard, I do support NIP- nursing in public. I hope to rejoin the outside world and feed my son when he needs it and I am out and about. Hopefully The Milk Truck isn't necessary, but it will be on my twitter feed (no pun intended) just in case.

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