27 July 2011

The Baby's Crib

Finally! Only 3 and a half weeks after baby's arrival, the nursery is finished. I suppose I never think of any room as done-- there is always something else to add. We have been lacking on placing some of our artwork around the house, for example. But I digress. Anyhow, I would say that this room is the most comprehensively complete right now, and we will continue to add to it as he grows, of course.

I knew I wanted to have a clean, modern, colorful, playful, maybe even whimsical room. Starting to plan before we knew if it was a boy or girl, I chose a soft pale teal color with whites and grays.  I was excited to add red for our little boy. The inspiration board, which began with an animal theme and evolved into king of the magical jungle, circus, what have you:

And the final result! Note that the dog loves the room as much as we do.

The Ferm living animal decal reminded me of Bremen Town Musicians and I thought it would be a great focal point for baby and for the room. The rest of the room decor is from various Etsy shops. (Balloon print: Purdy Prints. Royal safari prints: Little Lion Studio. Pennant garland: Tina Magee Sews. "H" embroidered pillow cover: Red Door Home.) Other resources include AllModernBaby, Target, Ikea, Serena & Lily, and West Elm.

Although accompanied with a nightmare of a delivery story (one month late, arriving the day after baby was born, making my husband leave the hospital to accept the delivery!), the PB Kids rocker was worth every penny. It is so comfortable and I've already spent hours rocking the baby to sleep.

It was a fun house design project to do, with a lot of anticipation, a little stress and a set deadline that kept us to task, even if we unexpectedly missed it a bit. It's even more fun to put the room to use. It's as calming and wonderful as we had hoped. If only it could make the baby sleep a little more...

17 July 2011

Baby Food Truck

Pittsburgh seems to love food trucks so I am curious to see how this one-- exclusively for babies and the mommies who feed them--is received. I just supported The Milk Truck, a social art concept proposed by CMU art professor Jill Miller for the Andy Warhol Museum Biennial this fall. If she reaches her goal of $10,000 in funding, Miller plans to buy an ice cream truck and turn it into a safe haven for breastfeeding around town. Essentially, you email or tweet The Milk Truck if you've found yourself unable to feed your baby, and the boob-topped truck arrives at your service, while also making the establishment where you have not been welcome to nurse feel like, well, a boob.

I am now exclusively breastfeeding my newborn baby on demand, and although we haven't tried feeding outside the house unless you count the backyard, I do support NIP- nursing in public. I hope to rejoin the outside world and feed my son when he needs it and I am out and about. Hopefully The Milk Truck isn't necessary, but it will be on my twitter feed (no pun intended) just in case.

13 July 2011

Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh

One event from last summer that we thoroughly enjoyed and are sorry not to attend this year (for one very important little reason) is the annual Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh, which is this Friday, July 15th. Held in conjunction with the gallery crawl and ending with a party filled with music, live entertainment and delicious dining options from the restaurants downtown, the event attracts an eclectic mix of interesting people of all ages. We went with friends and met new ones.

Over 700 attended last year's event.

Most of the downtown restaurants had stations, letting you generously sample their cuisine. (My husband and me happily tasting, in the lower right corner.)

And I even made my debut in Whirl from this event! :)

The proceeds benefit the Cultural Trust, which is important in supporting our vibrant arts and entertainment community that we are fortunate to have.

12 July 2011

Our little bundle

The baby has arrived! Our lives forever changed on June 30th, when we welcomed our sweet little boy to the world. He has made us so much to be thankful for (even if it comes with sleepless nights.)

It is amazing watching him grow and develop right before our eyes, and learning more about ourselves as new instincts and priorities take shape. We cannot imagine life without him!

Our little one came a week early, and while I was physically more than ready, mentally I thought I had a few more days to finish working, put final touches on the nursery and organize all of his things. Just another reminder that life does not happen as one would like to expect, but everything happens as it should.
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