13 June 2011

Rustic Roots

I was blown away by the rustic, magical nature of the farm featured last week in the New York Times. Lo and behold, this gorgeous property is no where else but just south of Pittsburgh. And the backstory is just as intriguing.

I appreciate the straightforward nature of the farm's owner, who wanted a place for her children to roam and to grow crops for food banks. Impressively (after a lot of work) the farm eventually harvested tons of organic produce for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank over seven years. Now the property is a wonderful weekend and summer home for her family. 

Can't you imagine a summer soiree here? 

Her style is bold, clean, elegant, yet functional. Restoration hardware, but the real deal. I can only imagine that the interior designer's phone must be ringing off the hook. 

Although usually a beach person, with a view like this, I can be convinced to retreat in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

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