02 May 2011

Wall Art Work

For a long time now, I've wanted to re-wallpaper our hallway. Finally, due to my nesting mode and wanting to complete the look of the refinished floors in the hall, we decided to embark on the project. This was my inspiration, featured a few years ago in Domino magazine:

I love the bold stripes that pack a punch but still remain neutral. Upon researching further, I discovered that these lovely handpainted stripes from Farrow & Ball would cost a hefty $175 per roll! Having not a clue how much I'd need at the time (25 rolls!), I still knew they were not in our price range.

Fortunately, I found a fabulous, well-respected brand that is a fraction of the cost: Thibaut. Apparently, they are the oldest wallpaper manufacturer in the US, but their latest line of prints do not reflect that in the least. And the brand is highly respected in the trade. Still on a mission for stripes, I found a chunkier version that suited my vision perfectly.

A sneak preview of my wall (and the shiny floors!) Not wanting to poke a hole in our beautiful smooth surfaces, we are very carefully determining where artwork will go. I am on a mission to collect the best-of family photos to line the staircase. To be continued, of course.

Apparently, according to my fantastic wallpaper hanging expert (Sam- happy to share his info), wallpaper isn't totally the trend in Pittsburgh. I am trying my best to reinstate it. Thibaut can be ordered through MA Baskind in East Liberty.

I highly covet these prints from their latest collections:

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