12 April 2011

Fashion Wrap Up. Maternity Style.

My goodness, how time has gone by and how little I've written. I swore to myself this wouldn't turn into a baby blog, although that is mostly what is on the brain and affecting the brain at the moment. I haven't perused a fashion magazine in months, simply because by the time I am back into pre-pregnancy size, the style and season will be completely different! I'm surprised there isn't more coverage considering all the expectant celebrities.

I will say, maternity fashion is a very interesting domain to navigate. Things have come a long way, and I've managed to find some cute things, mostly online. Locally, the in-store Gap maternity is the best bargain and a great way to stock up on tees and tops. Their basic tees and tanks are super comfy and great for around the house and under sweaters.

My favorite online go-tos:

Isabella Oliver. Pricey, yes. Classics, if you can call them that, yes. With wishful thinking, I hope that this is baby number one of x, so I plan to pull out these things again in a couple years. I found the absolute best wool wrap sweater that got me through the rest of the winter (that would mean last week, before it turned 80), and found a great wrap coat that I've received tons of compliments on from pregnant and non-pregnant stylish friends alike (see above).

BellyDance Maternity. Great sales, and super stylish options, many of which have a sophisticated flair for professionals. Lots of the trendy maternity brands. If you need a dress for an event, you can find it here. Gilt.com occasionally has a good maternity sale every season, and they feature most of the same brands.

A Pea in the Pod
If there is one splurge for these 9+ months, it should be for the maternity jean. Here I found the same exact version of my skinny A/G jeans, except with a nicely stitched nude belly band on top. Paired with one of my maternity Gap tops, a (non-maternity) J.Crew cardigan and flats, I feel like my old self. Except for the big bump. Even my husband immediately noticed and commented on how tiny the jeans make me look.

I am not sure for whom I am writing this post. For all the expectant friends and followers, and maybe for myself to remember for next time? Either way, I needed to talk about fashion in one way or another.


  1. You wrote this for me! First comment, occasional reader and I'm now 12w and starting to think about where I should be shopping! It's a little overwhelming. I haven't been too excited about buying clothes that I'm only going to wear for a few months. Some of the stuff on these sites looks super cute!

  2. Congrats! Hope some of the recos helped. What's funny about maternity is it makes you really find and pick basics and classics that are versatile. It goes back to the little black dress (with room for bump), a nice fitting jean, and the white t! If you find any other resources, please do share :)


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