16 March 2011

Work in Progress

This title could mean a multitude of things going on these days. Primarily, I am referring to the commencement of project nursery: in the past 2 weeks, we've emptied the room and its closet, removed the wall-to-wall carpet and watched with awe as the hardwood floor underneath has been revived. While we were at it, we did the same for  the guest room-slash-office next door. I've been working from home for the past six months, so that was a lot of shifting and organizing. But that room isn't as fun and important as the nursery.

The before, and current:

Such an improvement! Next up is painting, but it's on hold for a bit until other unrelated life events go on. I have, of course, created a palette on colourlovers.

From left to right: light teal wall color, white trim, gray primary accent, red secondary accent with some blue here and there.

An example of the type of space I am trying to create. Something colorful, imaginative, playful, yet clean and modern. Inspiration board in progress!
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