22 February 2011

A Stroll through the Breeze

After basking in the sun and its glory during those spring-like temperatures last week, it was definitely hard to comprehend that a snowstorm was coming. Nine inches later, reality hit, and this morning, everyone was shoveling out of their disbelief.

Today was beautiful and sunny, and despite the cold, a walk outside was the perfect afternoon break. Normally when I'm working from home, I take Sydney to Frick Park, but today I felt like walking through the snow-covered streets of my neighborhood, Point Breeze.

Sydney in our (shared) driveway, ready to set out.

South Linden Avenue. The architecture of this street reminds me a little of Beacon Hill or the east bay of Rhode Island.  

A mix of established colonial, victorian, craftsman styles, and the occasional post-modern in both narrow and wide streets. As we learned in our six months of house-hunting, some are beautifully updated and some scream (from the rooftops?)with potential.

Once she saw Mellon Park in the distance, she tugged and made a beeline for the entrance. Lucky school kids with the day off were sledding on the hill. I hope no one from city ordinance reads my blog. She is on a very long, clear leash. 

The business district of Point Breeze is charming, with a dry cleaners, boutique, salon and a few good dining options. It is best known for the annual award-winning Point Brugge Cafe, and Pino's is a nice alternative if you don't want the hour-long wait. Make Your Mark has the best chai tea and a yummy selection of pastries and light veggie dishes. And it's a lovely meeting spot. 

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