22 February 2011

A Stroll through the Breeze

After basking in the sun and its glory during those spring-like temperatures last week, it was definitely hard to comprehend that a snowstorm was coming. Nine inches later, reality hit, and this morning, everyone was shoveling out of their disbelief.

Today was beautiful and sunny, and despite the cold, a walk outside was the perfect afternoon break. Normally when I'm working from home, I take Sydney to Frick Park, but today I felt like walking through the snow-covered streets of my neighborhood, Point Breeze.

Sydney in our (shared) driveway, ready to set out.

South Linden Avenue. The architecture of this street reminds me a little of Beacon Hill or the east bay of Rhode Island.  

A mix of established colonial, victorian, craftsman styles, and the occasional post-modern in both narrow and wide streets. As we learned in our six months of house-hunting, some are beautifully updated and some scream (from the rooftops?)with potential.

Once she saw Mellon Park in the distance, she tugged and made a beeline for the entrance. Lucky school kids with the day off were sledding on the hill. I hope no one from city ordinance reads my blog. She is on a very long, clear leash. 

The business district of Point Breeze is charming, with a dry cleaners, boutique, salon and a few good dining options. It is best known for the annual award-winning Point Brugge Cafe, and Pino's is a nice alternative if you don't want the hour-long wait. Make Your Mark has the best chai tea and a yummy selection of pastries and light veggie dishes. And it's a lovely meeting spot. 

15 February 2011

Picture Perfect

Sometimes I have an I love Pittsburgh day and today was one of them. After a good meeting over a good espresso, I went down to Lawrenceville to pick up a sketch we had matted and framed at The Framery.

I could not be happier with the final result, and the overall process. Susan, the owner of The Framery was so friendly and extremely knowledgeable when I brought in our artwork. She asked thoughtful questions, some of which I still am not entirely sure of the answer. Is this an accent piece, or a focal piece? Accent. Is my taste modern or traditional? A little bit of both. The pricing was very reasonable, turnaround time prompt, and the quality top notch. Susan still has clients in San Francisco (where she used to live) sending pieces to her to frame. To Pittsburgh, no less.

Plus, it's hard not to enjoy Butler Street on a nice, sunny day.

14 February 2011

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope today makes you feel light, happy and simply carried away. (Image from Tumblr.)

08 February 2011

Oh Baby

In less than five months, these little hand-knit booties will belong to one sweet little baby-- mine!

We're expecting a baby in early July and feel so blessed and excited. Now that I'm well into my second trimester (I keep wanting to say semester; clearly I still know much more about grad school than mommyhood. But I digress), I have energy to think about what needs to be done in the next few months.

I will say that my ability to write out my thoughts has dimmed a bit. I definitely have some pregnancy brain. Not to mention baby on the mind all the time. I have a little baby bump and have just started to feel light fluttery kicks, which are the most wonderful reminders.

The nursery is our next house project for sure, which I plan to document here. Just starting to think about colors and schemes. Fun!
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