30 January 2011

Sweeter side of it all

Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets to share my cookie with you. (The cookie has long been devoured, but that's besides the point.) My new favorite bakery is Gluuteny, a sweet Squirrel Hill storefront filled with gluten and casein-free baked goods and ingredients. This is the best-selling sugar cookie. It is heaven. I am certain celiac and non-sensitive sweet tooths would be very satisfied.

And this just in: Gluuteny will be selling Steeler decorated sugar cookies next Saturday for what else, but the Super Bowl. Special orders are recommended. I have a strong feeling these will sell out quickly.

I have been following a gluten-free diet since it was recommended to me this fall based on certain symptoms I had been experiencing. While I haven't had a blood test confirming this, I can attest that I feel cured since eliminating wheat, rye and barley from my diet. It took a few weeks to get acclimated to this change, and now I feel in control. It's still more difficult when dining out, but it's become a fun little challenge in the kitchen and has expanded my repertoire.

My local go-tos are Gluuteny, which sells an amazing GF/CF flour mix that can replace regular flour in any recipe, and Whole Foods, which has a nice selection of pre-made gluten free products and the whole line of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free mixes. The gluten free oats and pizza dough mix are my favorites. We have homemade pizza a couple times a month now.

It's also made me more conscientious about my diet (fruits, vegetables and legumes are naturally gluten free!), and it makes it so much easier to decline things that aren't that healthy anyway. (Although it hurts to say no to a Vanilla cupcake.)

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