05 January 2011

Colorful New Year

Happy New Year, once again! Although Pantone announced this a few weeks back, I must comment on the color of 2011: Honeysuckle. Yes, bright, yes, cheerful. And yes, it will provide a punch-colored punch to neutral favorites.

Neutral with punch? From this beautiful portfolio.

Or punch with all neutral? Perfection by Martha.

The one thing both rooms have in common is a beautiful, monochromatic bouquet. Such an easy, organic way to add color, if nothing else.

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have created an even more neutral canvas throughout the house so that I could continuously accent with different vibrant colors? Maximal impact, minimal commitment.

Some honeysuckle-toned accents: Frame from Urban Outfitters.

Map print of Paris.

Mexican embroidered pillow covers.

Hooked wool rose rug from Dash & Albert.

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