30 January 2011

Sweeter side of it all

Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets to share my cookie with you. (The cookie has long been devoured, but that's besides the point.) My new favorite bakery is Gluuteny, a sweet Squirrel Hill storefront filled with gluten and casein-free baked goods and ingredients. This is the best-selling sugar cookie. It is heaven. I am certain celiac and non-sensitive sweet tooths would be very satisfied.

And this just in: Gluuteny will be selling Steeler decorated sugar cookies next Saturday for what else, but the Super Bowl. Special orders are recommended. I have a strong feeling these will sell out quickly.

I have been following a gluten-free diet since it was recommended to me this fall based on certain symptoms I had been experiencing. While I haven't had a blood test confirming this, I can attest that I feel cured since eliminating wheat, rye and barley from my diet. It took a few weeks to get acclimated to this change, and now I feel in control. It's still more difficult when dining out, but it's become a fun little challenge in the kitchen and has expanded my repertoire.

My local go-tos are Gluuteny, which sells an amazing GF/CF flour mix that can replace regular flour in any recipe, and Whole Foods, which has a nice selection of pre-made gluten free products and the whole line of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free mixes. The gluten free oats and pizza dough mix are my favorites. We have homemade pizza a couple times a month now.

It's also made me more conscientious about my diet (fruits, vegetables and legumes are naturally gluten free!), and it makes it so much easier to decline things that aren't that healthy anyway. (Although it hurts to say no to a Vanilla cupcake.)

24 January 2011

Proud display

A congrats to the Steelers and all the fans! I assume there will be plenty of Super Bowl parties to go around. If I were to host one, I would definitely bring out the black and gold with this cute, handcrafted pennant.  Pittsburgh pride, chicsburgh style!

17 January 2011

Globe Fashion Winners

There was way too much time spent talking back to our television this weekend, from critiquing the plays on the field to the ensembles on the red carpet.  All I can contribute about the former is disappointment (remember, I'm from New England), which probably makes all the Steeler fans jump for joy. And it makes it possible for us to root for them this weekend.

As for the latter, here are my best fashion picks from Sunday's Golden Globes.

What a sign that the best dressed was wearing a close shade to the color of the year! Claire Danes looked sleek, stunning, elegant in this Calvin Klein halter. I loved the daring side cut and low back, the subtle band around the waist, and the simple clean line. It suited her swept-back hair, her complexion and was just a lovely standout.

I did not even realize that Piper Perabo was still actively acting, but I digress. I love the silhouette of her Oscar de la Renta gown. The asymmetrical bow, the hourglass waist, and slight mermaid flare and train at the bottom. I love her sleek blonde ponytail and rouge lips.

That just about wraps it up for the winners. I do not understand where and when shoulder pads and sleeves came back into style. (Angelina, Anne, Scarlett and Leighton.) I'm also done with all the curtain-like ruffles (Catherine Z, Lea Michele, Christina). And I think January is gorgeous but her scarlet V (for Versace?) left nothing to the imagination. The Fug girls said some of it best.

05 January 2011

Colorful New Year

Happy New Year, once again! Although Pantone announced this a few weeks back, I must comment on the color of 2011: Honeysuckle. Yes, bright, yes, cheerful. And yes, it will provide a punch-colored punch to neutral favorites.

Neutral with punch? From this beautiful portfolio.

Or punch with all neutral? Perfection by Martha.

The one thing both rooms have in common is a beautiful, monochromatic bouquet. Such an easy, organic way to add color, if nothing else.

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have created an even more neutral canvas throughout the house so that I could continuously accent with different vibrant colors? Maximal impact, minimal commitment.

Some honeysuckle-toned accents: Frame from Urban Outfitters.

Map print of Paris.

Mexican embroidered pillow covers.

Hooked wool rose rug from Dash & Albert.

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