17 December 2010

On Poinsettias

When you actually study the poinsettia flower, the shape, colors and texture are quite beautiful. So I can't figure out why I just don't particularly love them. Maybe it's the ubiquity, or that most times I see it, they're still in the shiny cellophane-wrapped plastic pot straight from the grocery store. Or I envision the over abundance of them on the altar at church.

I find poinsettia-printed or embroidered pieces so festive, like these beautiful little cupcake holders.

Or this cute handmade decoupaged ornament.

Apartment Therapy had a nice feature earlier this week, offering beautifully creative ways to integrate the holiday floral into tablesettings and other decor (many Martha-inspired). I gravitate toward the white. So elegant with gold or silver accents.

Love this rustic approach (from here).

The white backdrop celebrates the poinsettia (from here). Are these topiaries real? I love the lacquered black flower boxes.

Or simply, cut and placed in a variety of glasses, shown from Southern Living. (I've also seen them with cranberries at the bottom, which looks great.)

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