06 December 2010

Giving it the Boot

The snow has been lovely and festive, but downright cold! We barely finished raking up the rest of the leaves and now find ourselves concerned with shoveling the driveway. Disclaimer: This image of my pup sitting in the driveway is from February 2010, not this weekend. Just a visual reminder of what may be to come.

So, reminiscing back to the record-breaking snowfall last winter, I've asked Santa for winter boots this season. My wellies with a wool sock aren't cutting it. And my Uggs are pretty much boot slippers for the house. I have to remind myself that I no longer live in a paved concrete metropolis, but a residential-slash-urban area with a lackluster plowing record. My new reality involves walking the dog to Frick Park daily. I need boots with traction and slush-resistance. Can they please, please be a little bit stylish? That means nothing that looks like a moon boot or like I should be hobbling on crutches. 

The contenders:
Waterproof, check. Traction, check. Cuteness, check. Seems a little pricey for nylon and rubber, no? But, they're very wearable on the street and for errands, and hopefully would last several winters.
I think quality is pretty much a guarantee. They're cute and look warm and comfortable. I like the quilting, but not a fan of the contrast stitching.

I can't decide if these are totally fabulous or a hefty bags tied at the ankle. Probably need to be tried on in person. But I like the contrasting materials and general fashion update on the duck boot. 

Simple, black, completely affordable. Wedge heel adds an element of style. Too simple, though?

So, Santa, which one should you get me? 

1 comment:

  1. i love the look of the hunter boot. ready for combat with the elements, i'd say! the marc jacobs boot looks stylish rather than practical; too many folds to trap snow and slush. never been a friend of the wedge style; to me, a practical boot includes flatness. as for the llbean boot, i suspect if you had all four boots around the house, this would be the go-to boot (without socks if the pup needs to go out one more time). and it comes in black! ordering one now...


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