10 November 2010

Barrel of Fun

Absolutely discussion worthy: there is now a Crate & Barrel store within a 10 mile radius of the city of Pittsburgh! I'd like to say I have something to do with it. We created our wedding registry at C&B in our original home store location of Providence a few years back. It was less than ideal managing it only online. And our friends here drove to Cleveland to complete their registry.  So I wrote a letter making my case. There is much demand. And here we are, with a shiny new store.

Whatever the strategy was, I am overjoyed. C&B has the best selection of kitchen, entertaining and decor items you never realized you couldn't live without. Top 5 things on my list (although I could easily go on):

The chunky glass votive candleholder from Finnish-based Iittala. I love the quatrefoil shape.
These placemats are gorgeous and so elegant. Looks like mother of pearl, but according to reviews the shell material is an easy clean too. 

I really wish I had a need for some barstools. I love the industrial ruggedness of these.

Of course, Crate & Barrel is the place to go for adorable holiday knickknacks. I refuse to look at anything red and green until after Thanksgiving. I would love a pumpkin spice cookie shaped like a pumpkin from this pretty glazed mold.

All of the acacia wood pieces are gorgeous. And just $20 for this smooth little chip and dip bowl.

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