11 October 2010

Domino Effect

Looking better than ever, Lonny celebrated its one year anniversary in the newly released Fall issue. And may I comment on the site redesign: so clean and streamlined (with no faux magazine fold across the spread, thank you!), allowing us to focus on exploring the rich, stylized photographic features. A few of the drool worthy ideas:

Rich dark backdrops and geometric patterns.

Pops of color against white walls.

Gold accents and almost perfect symmetry.

Living greens and patterns against patterns.

As the most sincere form of flattery, there are now two other shelter mags delivered gratis right to your electronic doorstep: Rue and Australian Adore.

I really like the depth of Rue's suggestions, and how seamlessly they tie overall style with interior aesthetic.  The magazine founder's abode is amazing. And I was convinced it was somewhere in Europe, but in fact, it's a charming spot in Chicago's north end.

Adore's cover story features an amazing apartment in Dubai. Not quite exotic, but it all seems very familiar.  Adore seems to, well, adore the style that Domino captured.

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