10 August 2010

Understated Estate

There has been much ado about Bunny Mellon, who turned 100 yesterday. The only apparent connection to Pittsburgh is her marriage to Paul (only son of Andrew Mellon), who grew up here. According to the Post-Gazette, this is the only recorded photo of her within any proximity to Pittsburgh-- in Ligonier, 1946.

A close friend of Jackie Kennedy, she gave entertaining and decorating advice and designed the White House gardens. Apparently, Bunny said in the New York Times in 1969, "Nothing should be noticed. Nothing should be noticed." She created a paradoxically understated-yet-jaw-dropping elegance in everything she did.

Vanity Fair featured Ms. Mellon's Virginia estate and it is breathtaking. While our tiny little city garden is a speck in comparison, it's fascinating to see such a beautiful expansive landscape. Below is the vegetable garden. A friend brought over a platter of the most delicious homegrown tomatoes last week. We've allowed our garden to bloom as it stands for one year before deciding what to do with it. A vegetable garden seems to be a must.

Housing the garden baskets. I am in love with that beautiful painting.

The greenhouse (with wall murals) looking into the crab-apple arbor.

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