15 July 2010

Reality? Sartoriality.

Alright, Pittsburgh. Time to take your lumps. You've been on my nerves lately. I really don't appreciate your tactic to increasing my property assessment. Please find another way to fund your ailing pension crisis. (Hint: parking leasing isn't going to do it, either.) And seriously. I live 6 miles from downtown, however thanks to the closed busway, which delayed the bus and increased traffic, my door-to-door commute was close to 90 minutes yesterday. Really?

So today I'm mentally escaping to a sartorial jaunt in Europe (Milan and Paris, to be exact.) I only wish I could hop on this yellow bike and commute everyday. I'm certain it would be faster these days!

I am salivating over this bag. Puddle in front of the iMac. And the shoes are hot, too.

Could this quite possibly be the most elegant, carefree summer look? The gladiators and thick belt, with another gorgeous buttery leather bag.

We're attending the gallery crawl and Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh this Friday, so I hope for the week to end much better than it started. Anything with young interesting people and cocktails looks to be promising. There needs to be a few more of these on the calendar.

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