21 June 2010

Social Studies

Anthropologie is finally in city proper, opening this Friday! The window displays are up, and I've already eyed a few things I need to investigate further.

I love the piping and trim on so many of their pieces. The collection is so dainty yet versatile, able to be pulled off for the office and just as easily for a picnic or party.

And the home section will let me decorate as I like to dress. Does anyone else notice that correlation? I wear the same palettes as the paint I've picked for our rooms-- with an occasional color that pops. Like these gorgeous yellow sandals.
Case in point-- this cocktail ring knob. I would definitely wear this on my finger. And I wish this ikat bowl also came in the form of a size S shirt, please.


  1. thanks for the shoutout! let me know what you think of the new space :)


  2. my pleasure! can't wait to see it and see you!


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