01 June 2010

A New Canvas

It's worth checking out Canvas from Lands' End. I didn't think I'd ever be saying this, and I still need to run up to Ross Park Mall to try on a few pieces, but the new collection available at Sears might give J.Crew a run for the money. Canvas is J.Crew before it added ruffles, sequins and antique wash: classic Americana.

I know most of my generation abandoned Lands' End when our parents stopped buying school clothes for us, and I remember those items lasted forever. (I'm pretty sure my husband still uses his 20-year-old Lands' End bag for casual weekend trips.) I am ready to place an order and mix and match some of these classics with my colorful J.Crew and Marc Jacobs pieces (like the cute boatneck top, above.)

The open cotton sweater vest is tied with a gorgeous buttery leather belt.
Another great belt cinching a classic black shirtdress. The accessories and footwear are worth a peek too.

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