25 May 2010

Outdoor Setting

Memorial Day is around the corner and I always associate that with grilling and dining outdoors. We have a teeny fenced-in backyard, which makes for a lovely intimate setting. I have some paper lanterns I hope to bring out, and I always pull out our mishmash of melamine plates and platters to set the table (read: whatever is fool-proof for outdoors as our dog knocks against the table. Or one of us, for that matter.) Plus, I like what's available in the durable, reusable resin.

Anything Thomas Paul offers is always bold and stylish. ( I have a couple of his black and white patterned plates I picked up at Penhollows.)

This site has a few great options, including the endearingly old-fashioned floral print, and this bold, geometric pattern.

And of course, trusty IKEA and Target have some pretty cute options. Target is offering the Liberty of London print on platters, plates and bowls. A set of 8 is under $20. 

The one downside: melamine is not recommended for microwave or dishwasher (melamine shouldn't be exposed to high heat.) I find it a bit ironic that I can put my china in the dishwasher, but I have to handwash these plates after a messy burger. 

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