20 May 2010

Going Public

Friday is Bike to Work Day in Pittsburgh. Apparently just 20 years ago, it was the third worst city in which to bike, and now just received a bronze medal for its bike-friendliness. Considering our city is most livable, is the North American host for World Environment Day, and now has over 1,200 members in BikePGH, there is no reason we shouldn't be winning the gold.

My husband loves to bike as a stress releaser and cardio burner, while I am more of a runner. However, I truly wish I could easily strap on my helmet, put my reusable bag in the front basket and hop on and ride to Whole Foods without fear of being run over. We're just not quite there yet. 

Whenever I go to visit my family in Germany, I ride everywhere. So does everyone, including my grandparents, who still ride together to take care of their errands. There are more parking racks than parking spots. Cyclists and pedestrians share the sidewalk. You politely ring your klingel and pedestrians acknowledge and step aside. I truly appreciate that simplicity and lifestyle, and that is the one thing I cannot easily bring back in my suitcase.

Turns out there is someone with that same vision: Public, a company offering classic European city bikes and accessories started by the founder of Design Within Reach.

And form follows function: all of Public's offerings are the epitome of chic. I'd like the Parisian M in white, please (above), and this pretty pannier to tote all my belongings.

Or, this lightweight removable basket that doubles as a market tote?

Safety is always in style. How cheeky is this nutcase helmet with the I love my brain subtly stamped on the back? Need one say more?

Public's mission is to help make our communities more enjoyable. So we see ourselves as a more livable cities company. 

I sense a perfect match here.


  1. Thank you for mentioning National Bike to Work Day and adding a practical designed touch to it.

  2. I am still waiting for National Bike to Home Day...


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