29 April 2010

A Love-Hate Relationship

I've been absent from posting lately, and I do apologize. I suppose it's time for a digression. I started blogging as a creative release. And I released. And now on some days, it feels like another to-do. And I don't want it to be that way.

I was certain it was going to get me to explore the city more, and it has. Or maybe it's helped me become more aware of the special things that I love about the city and want to share in a more explicit way other than a 140 character post.

Or maybe the last few days have just been blah, I don't know. But I did have a fabulous lunch to start the week at Braddock's, the restaurant inside the Renaissance hotel. It is a lovely modern setting with a great lunch menu. I love the Croque Madame, but supposedly the Reuben is a Pittsburgh specialty. I took a couple acquaintances who grew up here and had never set foot into the hotel and were absolutely delighted by the experience. That is the reason I share what I find. And will continue to do so when I discover things that bring that excitement.

And another random side note on the poster above. It was distributed for the primaries as part of the Partisan Project a couple years ago. By no means am I suggesting anything political here; there is plenty of that in Pittsburgh already. But the statement continues to resonate in so many ways.

1 comment:

  1. I love that poster by Brett Yasko. This town does have that sort of sway on a gal. I really enjoy your posts! So thanks for pushing through even when it does feel like a task.


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