20 April 2010

Latte Art and Experience

Real coffee fanatics rejoice! After a long, anticipated wait, 21st Street Coffee is officially open for business downtown. Tucked in the backside of 3PNC and the new Fairmont Hotel, the shiny new location reveals that owners Luke and Alexis are as meticulous about creating the right ambiance as they are about making the perfect cappuccino (2 percent milk, please.) The blue walls complement the coffee, the Clovers, and the giant Japanese contraption for cold brewed coffee that takes 16 hours. And the schoolhouse lamps are gorgeous!

The 21st Street baristas are so passionate and knowledgeable about all things coffee, and were part of the reason Intelligentsia's co-founder came to Pittsburgh to discuss direct trade with the World Affairs Council.

This offers a small taste into the art of espresso, so elegantly done.


  1. This place has the best coffee ever! Nice write up about 21st.


  2. Thank you for the kind words, and for spreading the word about our new store!


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