15 April 2010

Going West

I've been off the map for a few days, therefore limiting my ability to explore the latest things here in Pittsburgh. I just returned from Arizona, where I attended a design conference (which was great and deserves its own post.)  I managed to step away one night, zip over to Scottsdale and join the Twilight Tour at Taliesen West, Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home.

Of the 500+ attending the conference, it coincidentally happened that four of us from Pittsburgh recognized the need to partake in this excursion. Perhaps because we are lucky enough to have Fallingwater, the most famous non-royal house in the world right in our backyard, we all immediately found this opportunity very compelling.

There were striking similarities to me between Taliesen West and Fallingwater. Both are integrated into the natural landscape with such attention to detail. However, this tour offers much more insight behind the visionary so much ahead of his time.

Frank Lloyd Wright loved red. All the doors here are red. And placed in the most unusual spots. He wanted his visitors to explore and experience each step. He said a building was not a place to be, but a way to be. He also said he was the world's greatest architect. He was right (ego aside.)

The question always asked about having someone at your dinner table past or present-- I finally have an answer. I want to dine with Frank Lloyd Wright. In his dining room overlooking the desert mountains. And then camp under the stars, just like he did.

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