22 April 2010

A Glorious Morning

I was treated to the experience of Bryant Street in Highland Park last Saturday morning. Our first stop was on N. Highland for coffee at Tazza d'Oro, which was packed with young, hip families and singles sipping, surfing, and chatting.

We were on a mission, so we took our coffee to go and around the corner onto Bryant Street and in line at Food Glorious Food. A catering and pastry shop (also offering technique classes and European culinary trips), it is open by appointment only and on Saturday mornings, where they bake every sweet good you could crave and remain open until it's all gone. Fruit tarte, quiche, macaron, cupcakes, chocolate cake, nutella pie, need I go on? We took a piece of Jewish pizza (a doughy cookie with almond, apparently from a recipe first found in a ghetto in Rome) and a few treats to bring home.

Finally we hit E2, Enrico's new weekend brunch outpost. The simple, intimate setting from their strip location is recreated here. They list a rotating menu of fresh, delicious selections on a large chalkboard. My poached eggs, served with a bed of greens and tomatoes, were perfectly cooked and I sopped up the goodness with delicious wheat toast.

We also took a peek at the downstairs space, where they can host events, both public and private. On Tuesday, E2 is hosting a BYOB dining event with a screening of the food documentary FRESH, benefitting Grow Pittsburgh.

Our plan to visit the park was cut short from the rain, but I certainly will be returning to this charming area very soon.

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