18 April 2010

All the Possibilities

I had some time this weekend to properly peruse the latest Lonny magazine and come away with a few more ideas to consider. Or more appropriately, bring vision to some possibilities I've considered. On to its fourth issue, Lonny has set its aesthetic tone-- bold, chic, slightly bohemian luxe. I'd like to think my style falls somewhere in that mix, although my budget definitely dictates the final direction.

What I do love about Lonny is that they share talented young interior designers who can work with just about anything. I would love to see the before for this bathroom. The bones remind me of many Pittsburgh bathrooms I saw on house tours last year. Apparently, he took down a shelf (probably some cheap, plastic thing) and replaced it with a glamorous antique mirror, prints and tiny cameos.

This little kitchen could be an outdated windowless box. With a wallpaper decal, chalkboard paint and a gorgeous fixture, it's anything but boring. I love how the paint goes right up to the ceiling and visually enlarges the space.

We're in the midst of painting our kitchen and I wanted to reserve a corner for chalkboard paint to write memos and menus. Seeing this affirms my decision.

I suppose because Lonny is published in New York that many smaller spaces are shown. Having once lived in a 300 square foot studio (charming exposed brick pre-war, nonetheless), I respect the importance of having a place for everything and working within boundaries. Perhaps that's from where my fascination with organization stemmed?

I prefer empty surfaces than those that are styled with unnecessary accessories, dining tables in particular. I believe there is a fine line between displaying trinkets and looking cluttered. The clean lines of the lacquered table paired with the nautical-inspired chairs and natural rug is so appealing.

However, I'm seeking ways to work with the mishmash of artwork we've ended up with. This issue seems to have a lot of images of well curated collages.

In addition to the usual features chock full of ideas, this issue is all about being eco-chic and has interesting facts about the impact of organic and sustainable options. Modern furniture retailer West Elm is aiming to become completely green; such initiatives have led them to source from different vendors and artisans all over the world. 

The inspiration board for West Elm's green collection. Very excited that the retailer is coming to Pittsburgh later this year.

The magazine also illustrates repurposing when something just isn't right. Lonny editor-in-chief Michelle Adams cleverly used old drapery as a table skirt for a piece that couldn't be properly repaired. Certainly green living just as much. And isn't design all about creating possibilities within constraints?

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